For TV Appearances:


Bobby J. Grossman
MediaOne Management Group

For Speaking Engagements:

E.A. Martin
Baby Grimm Productions

For Representation:

Steve Sadicario
NS Bienstock

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@ElisaSDavis Fantastic. Thanks for your interest in @ajam & The System. If you do get to watch , let us know what you think of our coverage.
.@ElisaSDavis Call your provider and ask for @ajam. They may listen to the power of your voice!
Jumping on set @ajam to talk about the latest with #BillCosby. Not sure when it went from tabloid to legit but no doubt it has | 830P
.@ljohnson2006 I don't know if I can go that far. The #criminal justice system is broken. But the #jodiariastrial definitely proves it.
Okay, I love @Serial. But this I cannot abide: @Serial replaces #Shakespeare in one CA English class. http://t.co/eqalU9Z7Pd via @slate
.@johnholland Wow, that's nice & deserves a follow! What did you think of yesterday's Ep. of @serial? Howabout the @Slate Spoiler special?
.@russnovack Yes. The number of women saying #BillCosbyisaRapist, is the very definition of "coming out of the woodwork." #Cosby #BillCosby