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Bobby J. Grossman
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E.A. Martin
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Steve Sadicario
NS Bienstock

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This is A Must Click filed by @christophjoyce for @npratc is beautiful. Just close your eyes and listen. @WNYC | http://t.co/2X7p7A2uwo
.@PatiolaBoston Such an ugly case. Remember Cody Posey. There are always two sides to every story.
@ainslieann @sdshields @nytimes @NYTSports @WNYC A little focused on #kevinmccarthy. But thinking the #RBNY could make for a good feature.
.@PatiolaBoston How old is this kid? Or more importantly, how old was he at the time of the alleged crime? #Danvers
.@sdshields @ainslieann @nytimes @NYTSports Uh, but we've already been doing more sports. On my show, at least. Check it out @wnyc M-F 4-8ET
.@jack Dorsey & @twitter announce "Moments" for those who find Twitter too confusing to use. It's 140 characters per post. What's confusing?
Johnny Hincapie freed yesterday after 25 years | http://t.co/tPBGUqsmdv | I speak with his attorney Ron Kuby next hour @WNYC