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Bobby J. Grossman
MediaOne Management Group

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E.A. Martin
Baby Grimm Productions

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@veroniquedoumbe So great to meet you in midtown. This is why I love #NYC. See you down @TribecaFilmFest or around town.
@FreeLikeBirdie @ChooseChicago @ChiCulturCenter @VisitMA Absolutely stunning. And the birthplace of our democracy. Happy Spring!
@ChooseChicago @FreeLikeBirdie @ChiCulturCenter Where R U Now?
@FreeLikeBirdie @ChiCulturCenter @ChooseChicago Can't wait to get back to #chicago -- now that winter is over!
@FreeLikeBirdie @ChiCulturCenter Ah, #Chicago is where my parents were married. We all need to look UP! Instead of down at our phones ...
@SharpKen Tx 4 the RT. @MargieOrford in #SouthAfrica has been saying much the same since the #PistoriusTrial began. What say you?
@FreeLikeBirdie Thanks 4 the RT. @GrandCentralNYC Is truly one of my favorite places. Love the sense of wonder, adventure & possibility