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Headed to a screening of @virungamovie @TribecaFilmFest | reviews have been great & happy to support documentary film
@Zippertheslip Older and wiser.
@Zippertheslip It WAS a long time ago. But then again, not really.
@bljacka @ezraklein Not True. Your opinions are always timely. And yet considered and well-supported. Well, the one's I agree with at least
@Zippertheslip You are likely thinking of the Bakke decision in 1978. That was a biggie. As for athletes, that watershed moment is coming
RT @BettyFckinWhite: It's Shakespeare's birthday. We dated briefly in high school. Didn't last, too much drama. #Shakespeare450th
In case you missed it, some personal reflections, in the wake of yesterday's #SCOTUS decision on #affirmativeaction | http://t.co/Q4vsXWYKPS