For TV Appearances:


Bobby J. Grossman
MediaOne Management Group

For Speaking Engagements:

E.A. Martin
Baby Grimm Productions

For Representation:

Steve Sadicario
NS Bienstock

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@romanov_76_110 @TweetTonyHarris @JT4AJAM The multiple nominations tend to get one's attention. Here's my favorite: http://t.co/A3v8HASTPW
@romanov_76_110 Not sure "fun" is the word I would use. "Satisfying" maybe ...? Have you received the #ALSIceBucketChallenge ?
@bartlesome Son on one side. Daughter on the other. The family that gives together....
@KLB39 I need to do something. Something more than I have been doing.
@bartlesome I actually did a lot of research and "soul" searching on the pros & cons. I decided to take it like a woman AND to give to ALSA
@bartlesome Il Papa! Good one!
Do you know anyone who hasn't taken the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge -- by making taking the plunge AND making a... http://t.co/FpZqs81DPi