For TV Appearances:


Bobby J. Grossman
MediaOne Management Group

For Speaking Engagements:

E.A. Martin
Baby Grimm Productions

For Representation:

Steve Sadicario
NS Bienstock

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@xxxymale I hear you Reggie. & I do have Ginny's info & plan to email or phone her. (She is not on Twitter. We have to change that).
.@xxxymale Yes, as I recall 9/11 happened and I was reassigned. I will review the case again. But I am not well-positioned as I was then.
.@bljacka Not to mention #LorettaLynch's family.
.@cspan taking calls from both sides of the aisle during the break in the #LorettaLynch hearing. Great to hear so many smart folks weigh in
.@AlFranken finishes questions to #LorettaLynch with light humor: "Thank you. Then I will probably vote for you."
.@Zippertheslip @cspan Glad to hear that. An informed electorate makes our democracy strong.
Don't you still just love @alfranken's voice? #LorettaLynch